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We all like watching modern films, which are full of stunning special effects. Every effect is made by professional artists. Modern companies spend hours or even days to create all resources that are necessary to create everything necessary for a digital world. The same is true for video games. Everything we see in those magnificent worlds is created by artists. However, digital artists use special hardware to create all those resources. They use drawing tablets. This kind of devices can facilitate the process of drawing, since it feels like drawing with an ordinary pencil. However, modern tablets are more complicated than a pencil and a sheet of paper.

You should not think that drawing tablets are something that only professionals use. There are many models that would be a perfect option for amateurs or those who want to try start creating digital art. Many companies are ready to offer great solutions for amateurs and professionals. If you are about to buy this kind of devices, then you should spend some time on drawing tablets comparison. This will help you find the best option for you. There are many parameters to pay attention to in order to find the tablet that will meet your requirements perfectly.

Drawing tablets

On what you should pay attention to when you buy a graphics tablet?

There are many devices available to you. It would be a great idea to check the company that designed the tablet. For example, Wacom offers first-class quality solutions for artists all over the world. Professional digital artists prefer Wacom’s tablets. Their tablets are reliable, precise and have all functions that are necessary to deal even with the most complex tasks.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that tablets from other companies are worse. Remember that some young companies just start their way and they are not famous as Wacom is. It is necessary to compare drawing tablets focusing on their parameters. The manufacturer is important but not crucial.

Pay attention to pros and cons of different devices. Features of graphics tablet are the most important factors that should influence your decision. There are many different parameters, but we will focus on the most important ones.

The active area

It should be big enough to make sure it is good for you. If the active area will be small, you will not be able to draw with wide strokes. However, the active area influences the device size. If you look for a mobile device that you can take with you, then you should not expect a tablet with a large active area.

Pressure sensitivity. This is a very important factor. It makes the process of drawing with a tablet feeling like drawing with a pencil. If you press a pencil too much you will get thick dark lines and if you press it slightly then you will get a light, thin line. The same is true for tablets. Moreover, some software uses pressure to control different parameters, like opacity. The higher the level of the sensitivity, the more precise your device will catch any changes in pressure. Modern tablets may have from 1024 to 8192 levels of sensitivity.

Buy a graphics tabletLPI resolution

The higher the resolution the higher the precision of drawing. In this case, it will catch even the slightest movement of your pen. The high level of resolution will facilitate the process of adding small details. Moreover, high resolution excludes any lags or blind zones, when you need to move a bit more in order to make the device register pen movement. IT is one of the most important factors that you should pay attention to during drawing tablets comparison.

Read speed, pps

The higher this parameter the frequent the device “asks” if there is any movement of the pen. If read speed is not high enough then you will experience lagging. In other words, it may not register movement of a stylus when you move it fast enough. However, modern devices have high read speed.

The multitouch function

It makes possible modifying an image with your fingers. You can scale it up and down, rotate and move. It can make the process a bit easier and faster. It is like rotating and moving a sheet of paper. This function is able to save your time, since you do not need to use software to manipulate an image.

Compatibility with modern operating systems

You will not experience any trouble with it, if you use a modern OS and you are going to buy a modern graphics tablet. However, you should be careful if you want to buy an old model or you have an old version of OS.

A built-in screen

Some drawing tablets have built-in screens that are able to provide you with some important information. However, it may be not that important for you, since you can get all information you need to know from your display.

A pen

Usually, pens are ergonomic and they can be used both by left- and right-handed artists. However, pens may have many buttons with useful functions. This is a great way to bind all functions you need to speed up the process of drawing. Some pens may have 8 buttons.

The type of connection

Often, tablets are connected via a USB cable, but some models can be connected wireless (Bluetooth).


There are relatively small and large devices. Usually, tablets for amateurs and middle-level skilled artists are not that big and you can move them easily. Professional tablets are quite big and you will not be able to move them that easy. Some tablets are available in two versions, like small and middle.


Small tablets are quite light and therefore you can put them in your bag and travel with them without any trouble. Professional tablets are quite big and heavy.

Professional tablets


When you compare graphics tablets, you should not forget that professional solutions are quite expensive. Tablets for amateurs are not that expensive and that can be a perfect first step. These devices can help you get used to the process of drawing via graphics tablets. The professional-level tablets are quite expensive and their prices may hit thousands of dollars. If you are an amateur or you just want to try and see how it turns out, then you should start with an amateur model. It may be a small tablet that has no many functions. In this case, you will know how it feels to draw with a stylus and if you do not like it, you do not waste much money.

These are the most important factors that you should pay attention to when you choose a tablet. Of course, there are many other features, like the stylus working method, the battery type (if any), cleaning kits, colors available, pen charging cables, etc.

Types of drawing tablets

There are no strict categories of tablets, but we can group all models into three categories:

  • For beginners. These tablets have the necessary functions only. LPI and read speed is enough to deal with different kinds of tasks. The pressure level is not that high, but it is still enough to get used to this kind of devices. They are quite small and light.
  • Middle-level models. These graphics tablets have high LPI and read speed. Their pressure sensitivity level is high as well and it is enough to create different kinds of digital resources.
  • Professional models. These devices have very high LPI resolution and read speed. The pressure sensitivity is enough to register even the slightest changing. Their active area is large enough and these tablets are great to create any kind of digital resources. These models are quite large, heavy and expensive.

What parameters are important for you?

Compare drawing tabletsSome parameters are more important for certain groups of users. For example, an artist should pay attention to:

  • The pressure sensitivity
  • LPI resolution
  • Read speed
  • The active area

If you are a person who has some drawing skills and you want to start creating digital art, then you should focus on:

  • The active area
  • LPI resolution
  • Price
  • The multitouch function

If you are looking for your first drawing tablet, then the main parameters for you are:

  • Price
  • The active area
  • The multitouch function
  • Dimensions and weight
  • A number of buttons with necessary functions
  • Compatibility with modern OS

It is necessary to mention that some companies provide you with special codes that let you download the software you may need to start creating digital art.

The model depends on your skills. If you looking for the first tablet, then LPI resolution or read speed is not that important for you. While a professional artist should pay attention to LPI resolution, pressure sensitivity, the active area, and the price should not be that important for a professional, since everyone expects a high quality of an image or any other kind of resources from a professional artist.

How to compare drawing tablets fast and easy?

This page is very ergonomic and the absence of unnecessary elements decreases the loading times. The number of tablets, their models and characteristics may be changed over the time in order to provide users with all important information. This page can facilitate the process of comparison and thus save some time. As a potential buyer, you will have information you need in order to decide what device you should buy.

To compare different models you just need to click the “add to compare” button. Remember, you can add more than two models to a comparison. If you made a mistake, you should click the “remove” button. Having added all the models you want to the comparison you should click the “compare now” button and then you will see a page with different parameters of the tablets that are divided into several groups. This is a very useful website that is able to help you.

Compare drawing tablets

What tablet is right for you?

Choosing a graphics tablet can be quite challenging, especially if it will be your first drawing tablet. The very first thing you should do is to answer the question “What do you need a drawing tablet for?” – this question will help you understand what parameters you should pay attention to.

If you just want to try your artistic skills and see if you like it, then you should consider buying a model for amateurs. These models are not that expensive. Of course, they do not have many functions that professional-level devices do, but you will get the idea of how this kind of devices works. Do not forget that some companies may provide you with codes that let you download the necessary software to start creating digital art.

If you are a skilled artist and you need a great device to create some digital art, then you should pay attention to middle-level devices. These are not cheap, but they have high LPI resolution, good read speed and pressure sensitivity.

If you are a professional artist, then you should consider buying a professional model. Such models are quite expensive and their prices may be over $1000 dollars. This kind of models has all functions you may need in order to create the detailed images and other stunning digital resources.

An important stage of choosing the right device is to compare graphics tablets in order to find the model that will meet your requirements. You should not underestimate this stage, since comparing two models you will see which one is better for you.

Drawing tablets are super important for every digital artist. Everything we see in video games or in movies was created by professional digital artists who use such drawing tablets. If you want to become a digital artist then you should buy a tablet. It will make the process of creating art a bit easier, since it is like drawing something with a pencil. If you want to know more about tablets and see how we compare them, then consider checking our other articles where we compare different models of tablets, paying attention to all details.