Wacom Bamboo vs Huion H610 Pro review

Wacom Bamboo vs Huion H610 Pro – choose the best one for you

Wacom Bamboo vs Huion H610 Pro

Wacom Bamboo – a tablet for a novice

Wacom BambooThe tacky matte tablet possesses a detachable USB cord that makes it easy to reposition. Despite being small, it has an attractive design and ergonomic structure as for me. The screen is significantly less sensitive than most tablets in the market (presser sensitivity is 1024 level, so you will need to press a pen harder). A pen doesn’t have a battery to charge, also it doesn’t have eraser and it goes with one replacement nib. It doesn’t have a pen holder, so I’ve tried not to lose it. There are no express keys on the surface, any buttons at all, thus the keyboard will be used mainly, including shortcuts. It has 2540 lpi of resolution, which means that it can’t be opposed versus professional tablets and is more suitable for a novice or as a choice for carrying around.

Pros of Wacom Bamboo:
  • A surface for drawing is fully accurate.
  • It equally works with my Mac and Windows 7 or XP SP3 if you have the one.
Cons of Wacom Bamboo:
  • It doesn’t have replacive nib at all, while other devices in comparison have from 4 to 10 ones.
  • As I’ve seen, it is tiny, so it isn’t suitable for big computer screens with high resolution.
  • It lacks multi-touch support.

Huion H610 Pro in a few words

Huion H610 ProThere are eight clickable buttons on the left side that save time preventing from scrolling. The screen is too slippery and I didn’t use to it. The nib of the pen is decent and a pen holder is presented; also, its pressure level of 2048 significantly wins in this Huion H610 Pro vs Wacom Bamboo opposition but still, a nib choice is not varied. It isn’t wireless, so I was bound to my laptop while working on it. In most cases, buttons speed up the process but zooming can be devastating; it would be better it also to have a scroll-wheel or sliding control strip.

Pros of Huion H610 Pro:
  • I’m fond of the buttons on the merge of the screen that speed up the process.
  • 10 in x 6.25 in – impressively large drawing area.
Cons of Huion H610 Pro:
  • It feels nothing like paper, it’s very slick.
  • The pen works with the battery only.
  • The interface looks old-fashioned on my Mac.

What is more appealing for you: Huion H610 Pro or Wacom Bamboo?

Wacom Bamboo vs Huion H610 Pro are completely different in their purpose: Wacom Bamboo is for beginners and Huion H610 Pro – for advanced users.

The main advantage of Wacom Bamboo is its software compatibility. However, its pen is a noticeable drawback, it doesn’t have replaceable nibs in abundance and it lacks an eraser. Huion H610 Pro pen requires charging, so I constantly kept in mind to plug it before going to sleep but the keys (there are 16) and pen sensitivity calibration is easy to customize.

If you are still in two minds between Wacom Bamboo or Huion H610 Pro, think about Wacom Bamboo lightness (0.53 pounds) and compactness that make it a perfect variant for travelers. The prices of both will ease the choice Huion H610 Pro or Wacom Bamboo because Wacom series is always more expansive, so pick up more affordable Huion H610 Pro if you are on a tight budget. However, in case you are concerned about the cursor control, take Huion H610 Pro, its pen provides an accurate and efficient drawing.

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There is a comparison chart here to help you to make a final choice.

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Comparison chart

Wacom Bamboo
Huion H610 Pro



H610 Pro



Rating on Amazon


Reviews on Amazon


Active Surface

Active area, inches

5.8 x 3.6
10 x 6.25

Pressure sensitivity


Resolution, lpi



Read speed, pps


Software compatibility


10.5 or higher
10.8.0 or higher


7, Vista SP2, XP SP3
7, 8,10


Stylus with power

Stylus type

pen like
pen like


left and right handed use
left and right handed use


Hooked to monitor

Built in screen



has not

Programmable ExpressKeys


Number of USB ports



micro USB

Key Information


electromagnetic digitizer
electromagnetic digitizer




Battery life

has not
has not

Battery type

has not
has not

Coming with

Pen Holder

USB cable for the tablet

Wool Liner Bag

Anti-fouling Glove

Cleaning kits

Pen Charging Cable



8.3 x 5.8 x 0.3 inches
16 x 12.8 x 1.78


0.53 pounds
1.3 pounds