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  • Optoma HD141X specifications ViewSonic PJD7820HD specifications

    Optoma HD141X vs ViewSonic PJD7820HD

    Recently I’ve decided to compare ViewSonic PJD7820HD vs Optoma HD141X and straightforward I noticed the simplicity of Optoma HD141X connection to my M...
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  • BenQ W1080ST specifications BenQ W1070 specifications

    BenQ W1080ST vs W1070

    Recently I have tested a short throw projector BenQ W1080ST that is capable for throwing a 65-inch image from 1 m from a wall, which is more impressive result than its opponent B...
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  • BenQ HT3050 specifications BenQ W1070 specifications

    BenQ HT3050 vs W1070

    I’ve come up with the idea to compare BenQ HT3050 vs BenQ W1070 projectors and I was straightly blown away by BenQ’s HT3050 stereo sound that is so uncommon for built-in ...
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  • BenQ HT2050 specifications BenQ W1070 specifications

    BenQ HT2050 vs W1070

    I’ve tested BenQ HT2050 vs W1070 on sports games and discovered that BenQ HT2050 is superb in motion handling and doesn’t have smearing and other artifacts. Watching has...
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  • Optoma HD27 specifications Optoma HD141X specifications

    Optoma HD27 vs HD141X

    Straight away in Optoma HD141X vs Optoma HD27 opposition, I should mention one but notable inconvenience, Optoma HD27 doesn't have plenty of lens adjustment and horizontal/vertic...
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  • Epson Home Cinema 2040 specifications Optoma HD141X specifications

    Epson Home Cinema 2040 vs Optoma HD141X

    Even before I came up with the idea to compare Optoma HD141X vs Epson Home Cinema 2040, I was aware of outstanding features ...
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  • BenQ W1080ST specifications Optoma HD141X specifications

    BenQ W1080ST vs Optoma HD141X

    Even before actual BenQ W1080ST vs Optoma HD141X comparison, I was more inclined to give my voice to BenQ W1080ST because of Short Throw (ST in a name stands for it), what is...
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  • ViewSonic PJD7820HD specifications Sony VPLHW45ES specifications

    ViewSonic PJD7820HD vs Sony VPLHW45ES

    I don’t move it far but for those for whom it’s necessary, it will be convenient due to its lightweight and a carry case that come...
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  • Epson VS250 specifications Optoma HD131Xe specifications

    Epson VS250 vs Optoma HD131Xe

    In comparison Epson VS250 vs Optoma HD131Xe, Epson VS250 definitely deserves a voice for its brightness; I’ve noticed that this LCD projector has an advantage in displa...
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  • Epson PowerLite 1781W specifications Epson VS350 specifications

    Epson PowerLite 1781W vs VS350

    I won’t cavil at the picture, it works out its prize, but while my testing the sounding definitely has been weak. If I compare it to Eps...
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